We do what what we know how to do: digital products, services and branding. No more, no less.

Madebyhaus is a studio led by Yanel Bottini. We assemble small work groups composed of specialists, who in turn work side by side with our clients solving complex problems with a design mindset that’s always focussed on the user. We have experience working with all kinds of organizations: startups, agencies, as well as small, medium and large companies.

All of our projects are structured based on two premises:

→ Research and design, in conjunction: we know that good design isn’t created out of the blue, it’s the result of a deep understanding of the problem at hand. And that’s the way we work: taking the necessary time to understand who will see our products, how the market works, how we can differentiate ourselves, and so much more.

→ The client and us, one team: we ask our clients to participate in an intensely collaborative and agile process from the very beginning. This ensures that, each step we take, is the result of consensus and mutual learning.

Disciplines we tackle


Brands and logotypes
Brand manual development

Product design

Product investigation and strategy
User experience (UX)
User interface (UI)
User prototyping and testing
Workshops: Design Sprints