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Dance&Move is the most innovative Street Dance studio in Argentina. Their activities include classes, workshops, a course to become an urban dance interpreter, and even an agency for dancers – models; all of this inline with a style that combines Hip Hop, street culture and professionalism.

We’ve been working with the talented crew at Dance&Move to constantly improve their identity in various platforms for the past 5 years. Our work has evolved through time, and so has the studio itself:

→ The first two years we worked on the reorganization and unification of the aesthetic criteria. We were facing issues such as the absence of brand positioning for Dance&Move, a lack of personality amongst the different work, etc.

Organizing the production of flyers, mailings and other promotional material became imperative. So that’s what we focused on.

→ The third and fourth year, after having made great progress, with the studio booming and the appearance of several competitors, we decided to work strategically within the production process, consolidating the concepts that make Dance&Move a totally different brand.

→ And in 2018, the challenge is to consolidate everything we’ve accomplished thus far and boost the brand in order to engage all of its audience, especially through social media.

Let’s get to it!

This year, the studio’s graphic identity revolves around the concept of street culture, which is powerful, breaks boundaries, is in constant movement and has lots of attitude. We took some of its aesthetic elements (patterns, typographies, vibrant colors, energy) and created a universe with great visual strength.

Although the brand in itself shares a single graphic identity, we established distinctive features for each segment within the studio (Studio segment, Kids segment and School segment).

In construction

We have a great year ahead to continue to create the studio’s identity. What’s coming next? Postcards, website, business cards, special events, and much more. Stay tuned because we’ll keep you posted in our site or through Dribbble.