User Interface Design

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LogSalud is a mobile app that unifies and facilitates the management of a person’s or family’s medical history.

Gustavo Cheskis and Julián Prado asked us to design a demo for the product in order to obtain funding, knowing that we have previous experience in managing and developing projects related to the medical field.

So we started working together to transfer all the necessary information to be able to begin on the design

We developed high fidelity wireframes to reflect every possible interaction within the interface, based on the key screens and functional definitions provided by the client.

Designing the interface

We began by creating a brief style guide to visualize the general guidelines for the app, in order to create a dynamic work process and optimize both the workflow and the subsequent implementation.

Once this guide was approved, we started working on the design for each screen. The app has a very simple structure. From the Dashboard you can access the:

→ Medical history: where you can see both your family’s and your own medical history by using a timeline or calendar view.

→ Family section: to be able to manage your family member’s profiles.

→ Reminders: where you can set an alarm to take medication and/ or for medical appointments.

→ Doctors: list of contacts to visualize information related to physicians.


In one month, we were able to generate the foundation for the construction of the LogSalud, and its implementation was carried out by Leonardo Saltamerenda. We look forward to seeing the product available in the App Store for both iOs and Android.